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At your initial examination you shall be given a treatment plan and an estimate, indicating what precisely is being done as well as the treatment fee details.

In general people have this misconception that people wearing dentures go through miserable existence. Yes that is correct for the thousands of denture wearers who have poorly fitting and poorly functioning dentures. You don’t have to live that way. To the average person there are only three categories of dentures: Ugly - They don’t look close to real or they look like they might be somebody else’s teeth. We will not make you those. Nice Dentures - This is like "nice wig." They look good, but we do not have to guess. Definitely dentures. Again we won’t give you these either. What Dentures? - So natural-looking and functional that we would never guess that they are dentures. Yes, yes and yes, we will give you these. For those wearing dentures for the first time, we will discuss immediate temporary prosthetics (dentures) so you can wear something without embarrassment from the first day that you lose your teeth. We’ll show you some of the newest materials available and you’ll see how we are able to match the colour of your existing teeth. A high level of customization and good labs make all the difference. Please note we are not going into details describing various types of dentures, for a simple reason, we will tell you all about it at your consultation.

Please do not hesitate to ask for more information, that is what we are here for.